Why You Should Use PhoneSheriff?

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These days, advanced smartphones are just like computers and assist businessmen to keep up with their schedules, make key notes, contact people and do meetings via video chat. However, company-owned smartphones that are handed over to employees for working purposes can sometimes be misused which not only results in costly fees but also in less productivity.

So, it is imperative to have a cell phone tracking software on company-owned smartphones to monitor the employees for preventing misusage and keeping the company data safe from theft. Keep reading this article and find out how PhoneSheriff can assist employers to keep the workforce motivated towards work and save confidential data from theft.

What You Can’t Do Without PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff is a highly advanced spying software which enables users to keep an eye on an individual reliably. The issues an employer can face without having this software installed on company-owned cell phones include:

  • Confidential Data Theft Issues
  • Workforce Productivity Issues
  • Rise in Costs due to Cell Phone Misusage
  • Communication Issues with Employees in Times of Need

Companies issue cell phones to employees so that they can be used for business growth, however, some employees tend to violate business policies for acceptable cell phone usage, which results in less efficiency during working hours. PhoneSheriff provides all the essential features to monitor all such cell phone activities and prevent them from happening to maintain high productivity.

Advantages of Using PhoneSheriff

There are many benefits of using PhoneSheriff software, these are mentioned below:

  • Prevent Data Theft

PhoneSheriff anti data thief software

Company-owned cell phones contain confidential information related to business sales, accounts, operations and support. In case of data theft, a business can face heavy losses and can even lose its share in a particular market.

PhoneSheriff offers advanced tools that let employers monitor and track targeted mobile phones and take necessary actions to prevent information compromise from happening. The monitored cell phone can be blocked for a certain activity and even locked or wiped in case a business phone gets lost.

  • Maintain High Work Efficiency

Issuing cell phones to employees without PhoneSheriff can sometimes be an invitation to time-wasting for worked up employees. Inefficient employees usually visit social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to eat up hours during the working time.

With PhoneSheriff installed on mobile phones, the employers can check logs of websites visited and monitor communication logs to know if these functions are being used by employees to the advantage of business or not. With it, employers can perform their supervisory role in a better way and keep the workers motivated towards work.

  • Keep Cell Phone Costs Under Control

Companies choose a mobile phone service provider offering the maximum amount of minutes and internet volume for a lowest possible monthly price, however, if the employees exceed such plan limits, the service provider will charge a higher rate. So, it is imperative to have PhoneSheriff installed on the company-owned cellphones to monitor and restrict phone usage to keep phone costs under control.

  • Prevent Undesired Actions

Some employees tend to overuse company-owned cell phones and access data that they do no have authority to view. In order to prevent such actions, PhoneSheriff can come to the rescue and help users to put restriction on undesired actions.

  • Save on Multiple Licenses

For business clients, PhoneSheriff offers a discount for purchasing multiple licenses. This can be great from an economic point of view and reduce cost of the company for monitoring the workforce by spending a lesser amount of money.

On the whole, PhoneSheriff is an ideal software for employers to monitor the cell phone activities of employees and keep them motivated towards work for higher productivity. With its advanced set of features, employers can monitor call logs, text messages, GPS location, internet-based activity and much more to check the credibility of employees.

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Phonesheiff currently has some technical issues and they not taking any new orders. If you still looking for the best monitoring software with special promotion then check our best choice spying software below:

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3. iKeyMonitor

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