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In the today’s world, the mobile phone is one of the immense popularity devices that can do everything, which is done on the computer. Most of the kids are spending a plenty of time in the mobile devices for playing apps, downloading, accessing social networks and also texting their friends. In order to keep watching all these activities, this parental monitoring software helps to monitor an cellphone as well as records and sends the information to your private account. In this PhoneSheriff review, you’ll get to learn more about what this software is about and how it can benefit you. Basically, PhoneSheriff is parental control filtering software for mobile phones and tablets that helps parents and employers to track their children and their company’s devices to prevent harmful content to seen by children and also to prevent abuse of usage on the company’s mobile devices by employees.

An In-depth PhoneSheriff Review

What is PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff ReviewPhoneSheriff is one of the best parental control software for iPhones, Android phones and tablets in the next generation. This internet filtering software has the ability to filter, block and monitor your child activities in their mobile device. The PhoneSheriff software allows the user to monitor every action and filter out the details that you want to know. By using this internet filtering software, even you can create a schedule for allowed usage. However, this software is very ideal to use and just want to install the small program on your device in order to keep monitoring your child’s activities on their mobile phones.

When you want to use parental monitoring software, you need to download and install it on your mobile devices. After installation, you are capable to block the activities as well as create logs of every child’s action. You also have the option to show your child’s device notification and have a proof icon to monitor them. This option can be either turned on or turned off when not using. Before getting this software, you just read our review on PhoneSheriff and get the entire details of this app and its functionalities, advantages and features.

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PhoneSheriff Key Features:

The Phone Sheriff for  is mainly used for monitored activities while using the internet capabilities of your child’s phone or tablet. The great thing about this software is including unique features that are categorized into two types such as filtering features and monitoring features.

Monitoring Features:

When it comes to monitoring features, you just login to the internet web panel and view the entire cell phone activities. Some of the great features of using PhoneSheriff software are given below:

  • Instant real time GPS tracking
  • Monitor the text messages
  • Log into all websites in the internet browser
  • View iMessage
  • Apps installed on your child’s phone
  • Incoming and outgoing call history
  • Photo logs
  • Monitor the new contacts every time

Filtering Features:

When it comes to filtering features, you can set the parental restrictions as well as filters. In addition to, some of the features include

  • Website filtering
  • Contacts filtering
  • Application filtering
  • Intrusion alert
  • Time restrictions
  • Phone locking
  • Profanity alert

Why Should You Choose Phone Sheriff?

PhoneSheriff parental controlling software

Today, many parents are worried about their children’s phones and tablets usage inappropriately. But the PhoneSheriff is just designed, especially for parents. This is amazing software that helps the parent to monitor their child’s mobile phone activities in the most efficient way. If your kids spend much time in the phone or tablet, this software is a good option for you that allow the user to keep watching the activities via remote control software. However, this kind of software is truly helpful for parents to prevent teenagers from the bad path.

This parental monitoring software is greatly working and helping you to monitor all the text messages, call logs, internet history and the entire phone activities. This software is completely free to use and does not required any programming skills or knowledge to install and setup. If you want to buy and use this parental control filtering software, we greatly help you to know more information about the software and its usage effectively. Therefore, the PhoneSheriff is always a boon in many ways for the parents in order to keep watching the entire activities of their children’s mobile phone without the hassle.

Ease of Use

This is an easy to use software and you can easily install and set it up within minutes. Your mobile devices such as phones and tablets will work just like normal without experiencing any difference on its performance. It is compatible with many devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.

After installation, you will find that this parental control software is an breeze when it comes to using it. It’s interface is easy to navigate around and you can easily use their functions without needing to struggle around to make it work. You can block calls, filter out inappropriate contents, set time limits and much more with the program installed on your mobile devices.

How Does PhoneSheriff Work?

The PhoneSheriff is excellent monitoring software that works efficiently in the following ways,

  • Initially, install the software on your mobile device to monitor your child activities.
  • Now, login to the software with specific username and password and then accept the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, you can view your child’s activities more effectively inside your secure account.

Please check this video for more information on how PhoneSheriff works:

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How to Install on PhoneSheriff?

Here is a few easy steps to install and setup the PhoneSheriff.

The PhoneSheriff is the most effective parental monitor software that can be very easy to use, install and setup on your mobile device. If you want to use this software, first of all you need to download the monitoring software and install it on your device by following the proper procedure. After installation, you should know how to adjust the settings on your device and start to control your child’s mobile phone. Once you login to the view logs, PhoneSheriff  will help you to monitor all the activities that are transferred to your parental control account. During your leisure time, you can login to your account and visiting the login page at anytime in order to view the details.

Phone Sheriff review

A Few PhoneSheriff Reviews from Real Customers:


The amazing thing about PhoneSheriff is highly compatible to work on all mobile phones including Android, iOs (iPhone and iPad), Android tablets and Blackberry. This software is also compatible with major operating systems in today’s smart phones. However, the compatible is not only means the make and model of the phone but also consider the operating system version as well as firmware that run on the phone.

Privacy & Support

Phonesheriff coupon codeBesides being easy to use, the PhoneSheriff takes into consideration of your safety as well. Data being sent around can be ensured of its privacy and security using PhoneSheriff software. There is also no hidden SMS fees and you get to access their 24/7 LIVE chat support. Their support team are known to be reliable as many customers have praised them for their quick turnaround in helping out the customers who needed their help. Not only is PhoneSheriff a great software, it is also backed by a great team and it is no wonder that PhoneSheriff have become a well-known brand for these qualities.

PhoneSheriff Review – Bottom Line

If there is anything you need to know more about PhoneSheriff, you can check out their demo on their website to get a feel and a glimpse of how their software looks like. You can read up more information on their website and if you still can’t find the information that you need or have further inquiries, you can easily drop their customer support team a note and they will definitely get back to you on a timely manner. PhoneSheriff is priced at $89 per year and now, you can take advantage of their current special promotion the regular price of the PhoneSheriff software by using the our special PhoneSheriff coupon code when you make your purchase. This offer is only valid for a limited time and now is the best time to take make your purchase to enjoy the deal.

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Phonesheiff currently has some technical issues and they not taking any new orders. If you still looking for the best monitoring software with special promotion then check our best choice spying software below:

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