PhoneSheriff Review

| October 5, 2013

In this PhoneSheriff review, you’ll get to learn more about what this software is about and how it can benefit you. Basically, PhoneSheriff is mobile device monitoring software that helps parents and employers to track their children and their company’s devices to prevent harmful content to seen by children and also to prevent abuse of usage on the company’s mobile devices by employees.

PhoneSheriff Review

Key Features of PhoneSheriffPhoneSheriff Review

Block Activity – Block any phone number from texting, calls, or both.

Track GPS – Get instant locations or remotely lock/unlock the device.

Set Time Limits – Lock the device during certain times of day or just restrict calls.

Monitor Online – Log in to a secure online control panel to view the logs.

PhoneSheriff Review in Detail

This is an easy to use software and you can easily install and set it up within minutes. Your mobile devices such as phones and tablets will work just like normal without experiencing any difference on its performance. It is compatible with many devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.

After installation, you will find that this parental control software is an breeze when it comes to using it. It’s interface is easy to navigate around and you can easily use their functions without needing to struggle around to make it work. You can block calls, filter out inappropriate contents, set time limits and much more with the program installed on your mobile devices.

Besides being easy to use, the PhoneSheriff takes into consideration of your safety as well. Data being sent around can be ensured of its privacy and security using PhoneSheriff software. There is also no hidden SMS fees and you get to access their 24/7 LIVE chat support. Their support team are known to be reliable as many customers have praised them for their quick turnaround in helping out the customers who needed their help. Not only is PhoneSheriff a great software, it is also backed by a great team and it is no wonder that PhoneSheriff have become a well-known brand for these qualities.

If there is anything you need to know more about PhoneSheriff, you can check out their demo on their website to get a feel and a glimpse of how their software looks like. You can read up more information on their website and if you still can’t find the information that you need or have further inquiries, you can easily drop their customer support team a note and they will definitely get back to you on a timely manner. PhoneSheriff is priced at $89 per year and now, you can take advantage of their current special promotion the regular price of the PhoneSheriff software by using the our special PhoneSheriff coupon code when you make your purchase. This offer is only valid for a limited time and now is the best time to take make your purchase to enjoy the deal.

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