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PhoneSheriff for Parents
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PhoneSheriff for Parents
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PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition15% OFFSave $11.85Redeem Coupon Code
PhoneSheriff for Business
(includes 5 licenses per year)
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 What is PhoneSheriff?

phonesheriff couponPhone Sheriff is a mobile phone and tablet monitoring software that is great for parents and employers who wants to track usage of these devices by children and employees. Parents can ensure that their children is kept safe away from harmful content on the web while employers can ensure that their company’s facilities are not being abused by their employees.

With PhoneSheriff software you will be able to find features such as content filtering, setup of Time Limits, GPS tracking, Remote Monitoring, Calls Blocking and lots more. These features allow you to have full control of your devices to protect is from abuse of usage and also to protect the safety of your children.

Many customers who had used this software were very satisfied with it and some had even solved their family problems with it such as tracking down a lost family member with the GPS functionality of this parental control software being installed on the phone of their family member.

Another good thing about PhoneSheriff is that it is easy to install and use on the mobile devices. Support by the support team behind PhoneSheriff have been excellent where many customers found that they get the help they needed on a timely manner.

In case you are wondering, Phone Sheriff started from 2003 and it is a long time, trusted brand that provides quality service and products to their customers. It has many advantages over other phone monitoring software including a secure control panel that comes with your software, no hidden SMS fees and also a toll-free phone support.

Check the video to know how PhoneSheriff works

PhoneSheriff Coupon Code 2014

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The software is compatible with many mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian OS, Windows OS, iPad and Adroid devices.If you want further information about PhoneSheriff, you can also check out their demo of their actual software on their official website. Right after you purchase it, you can instantly download and start using it. The price for PhoneSheriff software costs $89 annually and right now, you can take advantage of their current promotion by using our PhoneSheriff coupon code and save 15% off the regular price of the software.

The promotion is only valid for a limited time and if you want to purchase PhoneSheriff, now is the best time to get it before the promotion ends. You can check out the Phone Sheriff official website for all the information you need before you make your purchase and you are free to contact their customer support who is always ready to help you out.

PhoneSheriff Investigator Coupon Code 2014

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