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Quick PhoneSheriff Review

Phonesheriff coupon codePhone Sheriff is a mobile phone and tablet monitoring software that is great for parents and employers who wants to track usage of these devices by children and employees. Parents can ensure that their children is kept safe away from harmful content on the web while employers can ensure that their company’s facilities are not being abused by their employees.

What Can PhoneSheriff Do?

This smartphone and tablet monitoring software comes in two versions. One is its parental control version which allows parents to set restrictions on your child’s phone or tablet to keep them from communicating with certain people. This software also features GPS and allows you to know who your child is texting or calling. It generally protects your child offline or online. Another version is for business which allows you to monitor the activities of your employees so as to prevent inappropriate use of  cell phones or tablets. This application allows you find out who they are communicating with. This can protect your company from leaks and low productivity.

PhoneSheriff Dasboard

PhoneSheriff Dasboard

With PhoneSheriff software you will be able to find features such as content filtering, setup of Time Limits, GPS tracking, Remote Monitoring, Calls Blocking and lots more. These features allow you to have full control of your devices to protect is from abuse of usage and also to protect the safety of your children.

Other extra key features that are covered by this parental control software are:

Key Features:

  • Record and view call history with phone number, duration, date and time.
  • Monitor SMS logs allowing you to record and view all SMS with phone number, date and time.
  • Records and uploads all multimedia files taken.
  • Track GPS location with real time tracking, lock or unlock feature and delete data remotely.
  • View web browsing history.
  • Alerts you when profane keywords are used or in any inappropriate activities.
  • View contacts and calendar.
  • Filter dis-allowable applications.
  • Remotely backup data and restore them remotely.
  • Record emails sent and received on smartphones.
  • Set time restrictions for phone usage.

Check this video for more information:


All these features give users a lot of benefits. It definitely keeps you from worrying about your child’s safety. It allows you to readily correct any inappropriate behavior made by your employees. Such software gives you more confidence that your child is not doing anything that might lead to trouble. Such application gives you the benefit of reducing low productivity and prevents any unwanted behavior of employees. The software also gives your important data safe in case smartphones or tablets will be stolen.

If you are one of those people who want no risk when it comes to the safety of your children and your business, then PhoneSheriff is an application for you. This phone spyware is good enough to match your needs. It has almost all the features that you would want a phone tracking software to have.

Ease of Use

Many customers who had used this software were very satisfied with it and some had even solved their family problems with it such as tracking down a lost child with the GPS functionality of this parental control software being installed on the phone of their child.

Help and Support

phonesheriff couponAnother good thing about PhoneSheriff is that it is easy to install and use on the mobile devices. Support by the support team behind PhoneSheriff have been excellent where many customers found that they get the help they needed on a timely manner.

In case you are wondering, Phone Sheriff started from 2003 and it is a long time, trusted brand that provides quality service and products to their customers. It has many advantages over other phone monitoring software including a secure control panel that comes with your software, no hidden SMS fees and also a 24/7 LIVE chat support.


The software is compatible with many mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhoneiPad and Adroid devices.

FAQs of PhoneSheriff

Can I Install PhoneSheriff Remotely?

  • No, you have to install PhoneSheriff Investigator manually on your PC. The software uses your iCloud account to monitor the targeted Apple device, so after the installation, you just need to enable the cloud storage and backup option in the Apple device to view its logs.

How Many Phones Can I Monitor at Once?

  • You can monitor as many devices as you want to by using PhoneSheriff. The interface of the software allows you to select any Apple device from the drop-down menu and view its activities. The software can be installed on one computer with the purchase of one license.

Is It Completely Hidden?

  • According to the policy of, the software can only be used for a device that the user owns. Also, it is necessary for the user to inform the monitored child that his backups may be reviewed. So, according to these policy statements, this parental control software is not hidden.

Does Phonesheriff monitor Snapchat?

  • PhoneSheriff can monitor Snapchat (Rooted Android only) ,iMessage messages and WhatsApp (iPhone and Rooted Android).


All in all, PhoneSheriff is recommended for anyone looking for a robust phone or tablet tracking software. It offers all the features that you would need for parental controlling and employee control. It allows you to know the whereabouts of your kids, monitor their safety, keeps them from doing any inappropriate behavior and many more. For business, it can help you monitor several phones or tablets at once. This allows you to correct and prevent low productivity. It also gives you the security for your company’s vital data. It allows you to stop any unwanted activity being done by your employee. If you want further information about Phone Sheriff, you can also check out their demo of their online web-panel on their official website. Right after you purchase it, you can instantly download and start using it.

How to Buy PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff comes at an affordable price considering all the features you can get out of it. The parental version starts at $89 per year and its business version starts at $299 per year including five licenses. The yearly charge saves you more money than going for the monthly charges and right now, you can take advantage of their current promotion by using our PhoneSheriff coupon code and save your money at checkout.

Finally, the promotion is only valid for a limited time and if you want to purchase PhoneSheriff, now is the best time to get it before the promotion ends. You can check out the Phone Sheriff official website for all the information you need before you make your purchase and you are free to contact their customer support who is always ready to help you out. Remember to use our special PhoneSheriff coupon code below to get discount at checkout.

Latest PhoneSheriff Promo Codes 2018

Get PhoneSheriff Parent Control for only $49!
No PhoneSheriff coupon code is required!


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